I was looking through some old shots that I took, and I had a wild thought running in my head while I was looking at the shot I took below..

What if you dont like what you see outside the window. Do you seal the window permanently, or do you open the window, and look out anyway and learn to like what you see?

What if it’s impossible to like the view, do you force yourself anyway, or do you just move and look out a different window? Perhaps you might also consider changing that “eyesore” into something more pleasant that you can look at, but is that possible if that something is a permanent structure that you cant change? If its something permanent..then what can you do?

*this was taken while I was on a day trip to Malacca with Nina & Lya*

Notice the pic, the window on the left, looks like its still intact and can still be opened, while the one on the right, is sealed close..not too good a view perhaps? or maybe just broken and due for a fix.