*another entry in the special box*

It was drizzling. Night. From where we sat at Espressamente,Pavillion, we could feel the slight chill from the cafe’s air conditioning and also the natural cool weather thanks to the rain. I told the New Yorker that the whole atmosphere..slight hint of fume in the air..chilly weather,lights from the street, cars lined in traffic, smell of coffee..reminded me of London. Diana Krall’s rendition of Besame Mucho was playing. Felt like we were on foreign land, but still at home. We were sitting,sharing a slice of apple crumble, me and my Cappuccino Vienesse, him and his chocolatey drink (forgot what its called), the New Yorker is not fond of coffee..very not New Yorker-ish but he’s my New Yorker anyway ;p We were talking, laughing over things, simple things. Every now and then just grinning at each other..it was like time stood still. May have been like a scene from a romantic movie, but it was just that perfect. I really couldn’t have asked for a more perfect ending to an already perfect weekend.