Below is an excerpt from Pugly’s post aptly titled Signs of Significance…i loved the post, and I found myself, nodding in agreement, smiling cos Pugly was spot on with the tell-tale signs. I am sure you would be too, when you go through the list.

Well I found someone who sent out such signals..thrilled that he did,thriled that I caught the signals 😉 Here’s to you New Yorker!

Based on my personal experience, some of my friends’ experiences, and some of the answers I have received from my male friends (yes, I, too, have obsessed over the same question once), if a guy does 3 or more of the following (or, even better, all of the following), you have basically got him where you want him (guys, please feel free to challenge any of them or add on some tips of your own):

  1. He teases you. A lot. About anything and everything. Especially if he doesn’t normally do it to other women. New Yorker teases alright haha, the good thing is his teasing is not the bloody-hell-you’re irritating-get-out-of-my-face, kinda teasing.
  2. You catch him looking at you secretly sometimes, especially when he thinks you don’t notice. i’m so blur, so even if he was, i wouldnt perasan haha
  3. He willingly flirts back when you flirt with him.yup yup
  4. He shows interest in your affairs and your friends.yes he does.
  5. You find out that he’s been talking to some of his mates about you, especially his close mates.well some of his close mates are my close mates too, and yes he did. and as u can imagine, since we share the same friends, keeping things under the lid was a bit difficult, although we did manage to keep it on the down low and our mates didnt suspect a thing until our big “come out” ;p
  6. He doesn’t flinch when you move into his ‘personal space’, in fact, you’ll find that he rather welcomes it and attempts to get into your personal space more often. giggles 🙂 giggles
  7. He remembers the details – for example, seemingly-insignificant snippets of personal information that crop up in past correspondences that you don’t even remember yourself.
  8. He finds every opportunity to speak to you/spend some time with you. This is perhaps the most obvious and straightforward signal. If a guy enjoys your company so much that he actually makes the effort, chances are he is interested in you. yup.well travelling all the way to shah alam…given that he’s staying all the way on the other testimony. well i’ve travelled to his end of the world too. so yea, I enjoy enjoy enjoy enjoy his company, that phone calls can last for hours, meet-ups are filled with giggles and more..
  9. He asks around about you, in an effort to indirectly find out more about you. New Yorker did you do this? I think you did haha. I did, after we went out..(remember, mutual friends)
  10. He actually listens to you – your suggestions, your complaints, etc – and takes heed.Havent complained bout him, so far there’s nothing to complain about 🙂 New Yorker: dont give me things to complain about ok haha
  11. His body language. When he is talking to you or when you are talking to him, his whole body is inclined towards yours, like it is paying full attention to your presence. If he has his back towards you when you call him, he will reposition himself to face you fully as you approach him. I feel that I get every ounce of his attention whenever i am ranting  on and on about silly nonsensical stuff, or anything at all for that matter..gosh I am his “Squawk Box” (you know CNBC). he is a bag full of thoughts and opinions..and I absolutely love that about him.
  12. The way he looks at you. I can’t explain how exactly, but normally, you would be able to tell just by looking into those eyes when you’re talking to him. The eyes are the windows to the soul, after all. Pugly is right, you cant really explain it…but let me tell you..I feel like a helium balloon everytime…that swept of my feet, floating feeling..(as sickly romantic as that is,its true :))

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