Charms by Tiffany & Co 

by Juicy Couture

Was browsing through a good fren, Syaheeda’s blog, the Stylemonger (whom I more fondly call Poshy, thanks to her 80 inch stilettos and Posh Beckham walk) and stumbled upon her post on charm bracelets. It reminded me of my quest at one time to find a charm bracelet for me-self.

I was looking for something simple, cant be silver cos I’m allergic to silver (my skin will get itchy), daily wear, nothing OTT. Single charm, or two will do. I was tempted to splurge on one from Tiffany & Co. but dont remember why i didnt. It’s a fantastic piece of jewellery, charm bracelets, cos it can have such character (according to the charms you select) and it’s a statement about you. All of the charms in the pic above carries a different meaning, but all dependant on the wearer’s interpretation.

Ahh Poshy, one of these days you might just have to accompany me go shopping for one.. 😉 Btw am using the same pics Poshy used for her post, am a tad too lazy to drag my mouse and look for new images. why reinvent the wheel they say ;p