I am very happy right now. I’ve been happy..but am happier. It shows doesnt it haha..happier! Its always the unexpected things that surprises you..it certainly surprised me. Things I never expected would happen, happened.  

Was talking to a friend tonight, who told me “God has greater plans for me” ..this was in relation to a conversation we were having as to his state of bachelorhood. And I believe in that – God certainly has plans for us and I am certain He knows what’s best. I am delighted with the “plan” for Nadia right now. I dont know if this plan is permanent, if there are going to be changes, but I will so surely, as surely as there will be sun after rain, give this part of the plan my best.

Why am I being vague? well cos it’s not time to spill the beans just yet. when will i spill the beans? well just watch this space 🙂

Skittles..one of my fav candies when I was a kid, Dad used to buy packets for us almost everyday (I’m surprised we still have good teeth). These colorful sweet treats made me happy too! ;p