I was at home this afternoon..on MC, nursing my sore throat and running nose. Thought I’d nap, but I was in for a treat. Information treat!

I turned on the TV and surfed according to the usual order..511 for CNN, followed by BBC..got stuck there. There was a live broadcast of the press conference at 10 Downing Street, by PM Gordon Brown and Chancellor Allistair Darling on UK’s rescue package for UK banks. So I tuned in to BBC. Then I remembered that the US presidential candidates had the second round of debates..I found the video on wait was it CNN or BBC’s website..dont remember..waited for the buffering thingy..and caught Obama and McCain in action.

All this while listening to Mr Brown explaining the game plan for UK’s economy. Also news on how markets are doing, most markets dropped today. Then later, on Squawk Box (CNBC), they had Joseph Stiglitz as a panelist – made my day. So TV on CNN/BBC/CNBC…laptop watching the debate.

I had hours of just latest news, commentaries on the market, forecasts…it was exciting. These are exciting times indeed, I cant wait for Dad to get back…am quite sure he has his thoughts on all this. I do too, but since its 230am I’m not gonna detail them out here. 

Let’s see what’s in store tomorrow.