I feel like I’m coming down with something (God forbid I actually do). I have the following symptoms..which are the famous first few signs that the flu bug will be paying you a visit

  1. telan air liur sakit thingy (I hate this the most, cos it hurts to swallow anything..saliva pun sakit)

  • sniffles (Kleenex my trusted companion? yes)
  • endless sneezing ( I dont bother saying “excuse me” anymore after the 3rd sneeze)

Possible origin of the bug – my dear sister Nasha, who’s feeling better now. Abang is down with fever and flu. Yea la, must be Nasha haha.

Oh dear just when I’m on full speed mode at work, am feeling under the weather. sigh sigh. go away flu bug!

*illustration from www.homeoptah.org