Mama’s tarts

So another Ramadhan has passed. I will miss the walks to the mosque. when I would contemplate on my doings,silently pray for blessings, and pray beside my beloved mother. priceless.The reasons why I love Ramadhan more than Syawal and why I will miss it. I pray that I will get the chance to see Ramadhan again.

At this point, I am also thinking about loved ones who are away..

Raihan in Australia *** wish she was back for Raya. It’s Laila’s first Raya and would’ve been nice to have them around. She’ll be back in November. At the the rate that time flies these days, November will be here in a jiffy. Am so happy for Raihan, that she has found a wonderful life partner in Andrew. I still remembered how “sejuk my hati” was when I saw Andrew become imam for jemaah Asr with Raihan. He also catches terawikh prayers. He is my new brother in Islam,and has embraced the religion so beautifully. On top of that, he is an open minded, well read, charming guy. Nice!

Uncle Man in the States *** it’s been ages since Uncle Man was back for Raya, or even back here for a visit. Nenek misses him dearly. so do all of us. The last I met him was in 2003, when I was there. I hope he is well, and wish he would come back soon. I bet Nenek still in her heart hopes for him to do his usual “sneak in through the back door surprise visit”. Dont tell anyone except for whoever it is he wants to help pick him up at the airport and coordinate the surprise that he’s coming back. then sneak in and give us that loud American hello with that Colgate smile of his. It’s not just Nenek who still hopes.. I do too, every year.

Mama, Abah and Adik in London *** the first Raya that the family is not together. It is a both sad & joyous occasion. It is sad cos we miss each other and miss being together for Raya. but it is also joyous cos it marks a natural progression forward for our family. though we love the times we spend together, it is only natural that each of us will eventually pursue and tread on our own paths, but at all times not forgetting where we started, where home is. Adik is furthering his studies, experiencing new things, maturing his thoughts..that’s just wonderful.

I am thankful for the loved ones that are close to home, just came back from Opah’s house, and will be at Nenek’s bright and early tomorrow morning. And thankful for my most dearest friends, some who are like sisters and brothers to me.

To all who are far and near, Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin. May we leave Ramadhan taking the best of what we were during that holy month and keeping it alive always, and may this Syawal bring all of us much joy and happiness.