Mrs Foo visits Martha Stewart’s site regularly. You’ve gotta give it to her, Martha Stewart knows her stuff. She really does. Well.. on one of Mrs Foo’s visits, she stumbled upon this color combi for a wedding and called out to me “Pucci, found a nice color combi for you”. She like my parents are very eager to hear my wedding bells or kompangs (for something closer to home). And yes she calls me Pucci ( amongst other things). Pucci after Emilio Pucci. ok nevermind ;p

Anyway, I loved the colors. Fuchsia and taupe! Taupe is the brownish color. Can already imagine an elegant taupe kebaya or baju kurung with soft fuchsia details or a taupe baju melayu…yes yes visions and imaginations for when and if the day comes 😉


chair details – absolutely lovely. still maintains the fuchsia and taupe combi. adore the chairs too.


right down to the drinks and napkins. the napkins are personalised.


the choices for flowers


seating cards. i think the design makes for a pretty inivitation card too.

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