I would love to think that most people take the chance to truly appreciate Ramadhan, the holy month which has so much beauty and bounties awaiting those who are in the know. But unfortunately much to my dismay there are many who treat it with an “oh its just fasting month” attitude. Dismissal.

The much that they would do is to abstain from eating and drinking- which is hardly the essence of Ramadhan. Abstaining from eating, drinking, sex.. is the physical aspect of it, but where the gist of the month lies is in the spiritual gain.

I used to treat Ramadhan as a month where I’d just be fasting, then..I didnt have the same appreciation I do now. These days, I find myself making it a point to go for Terawikh when I can, able to be more khusyu’ during prayers, and recite the Quran more than I usually do. I am no “holy chick” but I try to be a good Muslimah. I am not without desires, hell I cave in to my desires more than I’d like to.

It would be a complete waste if any Muslim allows Ramadhan to just pass..without appreciating what it brings. Not once attending Terawikh, reciting the Quran, thinking about ones deeds. Well it is not too late, there is a week and a half left, and the last nights of Ramadhan hold its own secrets.

I am proud to say that I am pleased with my Ramadhan this year, i have so far made it better than the last. Have you?