I met Aspa for drinks/moreh last Monday. We’ve not met up for about 2 months, despite living so near each other (but driving to Klang is hell, cos traffic is such a b*tch). It was wonderful catching up..loads of updates to share. Dont remember how, but the conversation developed into a “Aspa sharing with Naddy the 101 of marriage life” session. Aspa shared tons, from the endless bliss that she and Azza are enjoying to their agreed arrangements on finances (of course without spilling the private details). I listened attentively..of course la, valuable pieces of information here haha. We were at Pak Li’s from 8:30 – 1:00am.

Azza joined us later. The only thing Azza had to do to start the talk on health, working out, and other health related matters was the opening question..”so Naddy how are your lunges?” and me confessing that I’ve not been doing that many sets of lunges of late tsk tsk

For background information : Azza is a senior personal trainer with True Fitness. Am going to enroll for some personal training sessions beginning next month. He showed some pics of clients that went from skin and bones to hot and yummy in just 1.5 months! ;p that just sealed the deal for me haha.

It was fantastic catching up with Aspa and Azza. One of these days am gonna pay Castro (the cat Azza and Aspa adopted from me, and yup i named the little feline, Castro ;p) who is now super gemuk a visit, and Aspa said she’ll make her signature nasi lemak for iftar.