This Raya will be a so-so affair, since my brother & parents will be in London. Folks are leaving on the 27th of Sept, yup just a few days before Raya, so only Nasha, Abang and I will be at home. Maybe that explains why I have not put much thought into what I’m going to wear for Raya – not like I’ve ever been that big on baju raya to begin with.

Mum & Dad have already started on the Raya prep, changing the curtain etc. The thing about our home that i love is that it doesnt require some big “Raya cleaning up” session. I know some houses that need to do an entire clean sweep of dust and old junk before Raya. but not at our home 🙂 so we’re spared from rolling up our sleeves, and stacking bags upon bags of rubbish outside the house.

Adik is away so I’m guessing we wont be placing pelitas in the garden, he’s the tukang pelita at home..but hey, in true Adik style and tradition, we should! cos I bet Adik will ask “so dah pasang pelita?” . But we’ve had a pretty wet weather of late, not sure if pelitas will last the night.

Anyway, I hope I’ll still have an excellent Raya this year.