I was up early one Sunday morning, it was about 9:00am. walked around the house, couldnt find my parents, they were out obviously. I was fasting so I didnt bother checking out the fridge and kitchen table for breakfast. looked out the kitchen window and saw that our mango tree had menggugurkan some mangoes. Since the tree bore fruits- we’ve had endless supply of mangoes every day. Anyway, I wanted to pick the mangoes up before the tupai & family, bird & family eat all of them up. dont worry I left ample for them. then i thought maybe i’d pick up my camera and get some shots of the mangoes. nice bright yellow mangoes. so here are some shots.

titled this pic lonely mango. used the pebbles to provide contrast and clean background to accentuate the color of the mango.

had to allow this mosquito to suck the blood out of me just so that i could get this shot.

two ants on the pebbles

under the tap..wish i had clearer droplets though