Was out for lunch with Nikky just now @ Delicious in BVII. After lunch we checked out Dude and the Duchess (in between Puma and Fat Face). We loved it! I was already in love with the entrance;black thick frames. the interior was simply Boho (like!); tall mirrors, very lovely art pieces around, the first few things that caught my attention actually (tempted to ask where they got em from, dont mind having one in my bedroom or future home ;p) a four poster bed in the mid of the boutique, bath/shower inspired changing rooms..loving!

The pieces they had on the racks were not bad at all. Mostly light material, simple yet with character, nothing OTT. And it’s by a local designer, Richard Tsen (clap clap) I must say that I will definitely come back for work pieces and  non-work wear as well. I did make a purchase just now cos I just couldnt resist; a polka dot number. I think I might go back and get another piece, the one in the pic below, extreme right, the brown linen with the pixie collar (nice eh). And the packaging..no not just some simple paper bag k..nvmd go make a purchase and see for yourself 😉 Am a sucker for packaging.

Didnt take any pics just now, pics are from Tongue in Chic