-Part 2-

Got up at 630am – only 1.5 hours of sleep. Was told that it’s important that we leave early, cos the traffic during the weekends in Bandung is cra-zy! No thanks to Jakarta folks who flock the town for leisure.

Traffic was definitely crazy. But it allowed me to observe the surroundings and take some shots from the car; the entrepeneurial Indonesians who would go from one vehicle to another at traffic light stops – selling everything from candy, ciggaretes (which I think is the most fast selling item), newspapers, mags, to mineral water. The streets are lined with the stall-on-wheels selling Bakso and the like. I’m left wondering..there are so many sellers – but dont see that many people buying..hmmm not a perfect market.

We arrived at the hotel @830am. Fareez was waiting at the lobby.

We then walked for about 20 mins to the venue for the workshop;Institute of Techonolgy Bandung. Very beautiful + green campus. I didnt realise we were entering campus grounds, cos the entrance looked more like an entrance to a botanical park or sumthng. Saw some eye candies playing basketball ;p and a bunch of other students making their way around.

The workshop was held in an old school lecture hall, with wooden seats + flaps, and chalkboards!ye papan hitam… brings back memories.

We ran the debaters workshop on Sat -theory and tactis in the morning, then after lunch we had a debate. Guess what i had for lunch? the original ayam penyet ;p

Best part about going for debate tournies, or workshops such as this one; is meeting new people.  Had the opportunity of nongkrong-ing with (hanging out with) Minerva,Lauren, Pandu, Nik, Alpha, Freida, Miranda..extremely friendly, fun and hospitable group of people.

For dinner, we went to this joint at Cumberlueit..if i recall the name correctly; it was raining, so it took us quite a while to get there- traffic was annoying. Poor Pandu and Nik had to wait quite a while for us to get there, they reached the place earlier, cos they went on the motorbike.

Ok this is the part where I indulge by sharing a compliment thrown at me. Once in a while, takpe haha. Pandu and the gang are aware that i’ve graduated and  am currently working, so they knew I cant possibly be 19, but when he guessed my age, he tot I was a 1985 baby!yeay.that obviously got me smiling from ear to ear. of course la, that’s 4 years off my actual age. goodie. it’s not that I hate aging or anything. heck i cant run away frm it, but it’s nice to know that i’ve not run out of youthfulness. hey it’ll be quite sedih if someone mistakens me for a 30 year old or sumthg. God forbid!

dinner was lovely, and we had great company. we extended an invitation to the Indonesian debaters to come to KL and spar with the IIU debaters, it’ll be good practice for both parties. if not for debating, they shud come by anyway; so we could give them a taste of KL, only 2 of the whole bunch have actually been to KL. i know exactly where to take them if they’re ever in town.

got back to Meta’s place around 11ish, was poofed. took me less than 5 minutes to be in lil dreamland. one down, two more days to go.