Am gonna blog bout my Bandung trip in parts, cos am a bit malas now to narrate the whole thing.

-Gotta feed my blog or Mrs Foo will kill me! ;p –

Was in Bandung last weekend, with Fareez to conduct the pre JOVED (Java Overland Varsities English Debate competition) adjudication and debating workshop.

We left KL on Air Asia on Friday at 12:30pm ( flight was delayed – not yesterday’s news for Air Asia!). Landed in Jakarta 2 painful hours later; was freezing my little a$$ off on the flight cos no-frills Air Asia got no blankets, had tor resort to using my telekung to keep me warm.

We arrived in Jakarta at 2:30am, 1:30am in Indonesia.

Btw, our logistics; flight, acco etc was handled and paid for by the organisers. They arranged for a driver to drive us from Jakarta to Bandung, which was a 2.5 hours drive. I was constantly praying to God  for my life cos it felt as if the car was going to break into pieces for going at the speed that it was going. We were in a  Kijang – favorite choice for Indonesians, its like a mini van-jeep thingy.

When we arrived in Dago,Bandung, we found out that they booked a hotel room for Fareez but not for me – cutting the long story short, there was a miscom. I was told that I will be staying with one of the organisers at her house. I was already tired from the flight and Kijang ride to make a fuss. My hostess Meta is a sweet girl who’s doing her degree at Institute of Technology Bandung and also an aspiring debater.

Okay, since I tot I’d be staying in a hotel, and I wanted to travel light – I only packed my lady boxers and top to sleep in. lady boxers as you know are super short! It would be a bit inappropriate for me to prance around in my boxers at Meta’s place, and I was sharing a room with another debater, Freida from Jakarta. so i had to dengan segannya ask Meta if she has a pair of pants that I could wear during my stay…tsk tsk so segan. 

 When I finally hit the sack, in Meta’s peejays it was 5am. Tired.

Part 2 coming soon.