Lady #1

Joanna Wang

Thanks to Mrs Foo, I’m now listening to the wonderful sounds of Joanna Wang (Album: Start From Here). She’s a Taiwanese artist who’s based in California (if the information I gg-ed is correct) and is just extremely pleasant to listen to. If you enjoy listening to Norah Jones, Corrine Bailey Rae..then you’d love Joanna Wang.

Roberta FlackLady #2

I bought the Best of Roberta Flack. Mum adores her stuff, Dad told me he used to listen to her when he was younger on his old record player. They still listen to her now, but on our burn-your-own CDs. Roberta Flack is one that I would dish out RM43.50 for, and it’s worth it. how can anyone not love “Feel Like Making Love” “The First Time I Saw Your Face” or the classic “Killing Me Softly”


Travel Notes

Lady #3

What I picked up at Kinokuniya for my reading pleasure last weekend. She’s amazing.