Just got back from Aspa and Wan’s b’day dins (belated for Aspa, pre celeb for Wan). We made reservations at Neroteca, but after finding out that almost all the dishes were non-halal ( it was either suckling pig, pork ribs, or suckling pig sumore haha), we headed out to 21 (again!..we’re forever there whenever we’re at Changkat) At 21 I ordered the same dish again,chicken with creamy mash.. Elsie ordered the duck salad which was super nice, next time I’m having that.

Oh before that, when we arrived at Changkat, we saw a Ferrari pullover at Somerset, and we were wondering if it was Wan & Zul, it was them! they decided to take the red horsey out!Supern delish! Wait, i’ll post up some pics once Jimmy uploads em. only now I sedar my pic with the Ferrari takde, Elsie and Aspa got. damn la!

Anyways, we had the funkiest b’day cake, thanks to Mrs Foo. Cake was extremely whimsical, imagine stripes and polka dots on a cake. again wait till Jimmy uploads the pics. I know, I’m the photographer, but got no pics, off duty k. Note: Jimmy’s Canon is super cool. and I so tak tahan with Jimmy’s rule: If anyone deletes their own pics from his camera, cos their picture cacat or whatever, he wont take their pic again. Cannot tahan! I hate it when my pics tak jadi, so I like to delete the cacat ones, but cannot la with Jimmy’s camera..;p sigh

anyway,Aspa and Wan lovvedd the cake. yeay! all of us adored the cake so much that we  tak sampai hati to cut it up. cake got the attention of the other patrons at 21 as well hehe.

Well the night ended early, 12ish.. cos Wan has to get ready for her house global warming tomorrow – not a typo, Wan wants to call her house warming, house global warming, dont ask me why ;p That reminds me, need to get something as buah tangan, unfortunately I cant make/cook anything, except for chicken pie which my aunty, Sarah taught me how to make a few years back, but am too malas, so I’ll pick something up on my way to her place.

So that’s a wrap, Aspa and Wan’s party down..a few more to go this year. Now, am gonna catch up on some reading, then go to sleepppp.