Am in a pair of shorts that I bought at Blue Ribbon, Hartamas (I think it’s called Blue Ribbon, had to fight off Elsie, cos she wanted the same shorts ;p) and a vintage tee that has Rolling Stones on it, sitting in front of my lap-t… been surfing aimlessly, and decided to feed my poor blog that has not been fed for a while now.

What to write? hmmmm..

I’m in the midst of looking for an apartment to purchase, cant believe I’m old at that age where I can actually consider purchasing property..scary but exciting. I need to find a nice apartment (by nice I mean amongst other things; not in a dodgy area, not a pigeon hole) and of course the ka-ching that I’m gonna have to dish out for it will have to match the depth of my pocket ;p So apartment hunting is on Nadia’s to do list. That reminds me, I need to speak to Jel and Hariah, I know they were house hunting, and I bet they’ve got tons of info up their sleeves.

My room’s in a bit of a  mess, cos I’m cleaning out my closet for clothes to give away, some shoes and bags as well.

Am also looking for a slim, reliable, digital camera that I can carry around with me all the time. Why? Cos my phone, the Nokia 6500 classic, is slim, sleek and all, but the camera sux! And I am such a shutter bug, hate missing those Kodak moments. Guess a trip to Low Yat will be happening soon.

I enjoy listening to Hujan – although I’ve only heard two of their tracks, Aku Scandal and Pagi Yang Gelap 😉

Watched Catch and Release some nights ago. Another romantic comedy. Nice – it’s funny how you find love in the most extraordinary circumstances. Yea, what’s up with me and romantic comedies eh? dunno la, beats me ;p

It’s Monday tomorrow, the start of another brand spanking new week. I hope it’s spanking alright, and hopefully there’s some goodies in store for me this week hehe.

Okay la, that’s that. Enough of me rambling on random happenings.