I’ve watched bits and pieces of Love Actually, just the ending in fact, by chance. I’ve never sat through the entire movie, till tonight and I am absolutely glad I did!

So many people have told me how it’s one of the best romantic-comedy movie to hit the screens and almost killed me for missing it.

The best thing about the movie, was not because it was witty and romantic (duh! it’s a romantic comedy) but it got me sinking in to every line, really, you gotta watch it to know what I mean.

When little Sam said ” what could be worst than feeling the total agony of being in love?” or when he said “let’s get the shit kicked out of us by love!”

total agony of being in love? haha, yea whoever said being in love is all good eh? and can we get the shit kicked out of us by love? definitely.but do all of us (well almost all of us) wanna fall in love anyway? the answer to that is yes. It’s a yes for me.

What happens in Love Actually, the whole drama, sincerity, impromptu acts, is all that only possible in a movie? Guess so.

Cos it feels too good to ever happen in real life. somehow in real life, not many people actually take chances do they? For 2 people who have a language barrier to fall in love, for a guy to wear his heart on his sleeve and confess his love to a girl he knows he has no chance to be with, or a sister to give up the love of her life for an ill brother? (for those who have yet to watch the movie, what I just described are amongst the plots).

Impromptu acts are very rare and far in between in real life. Except when you’re in a relationship, and there are those little surprises – but that doesnt count. How many of us get caught, without us expecting it, like the scene between Karl and Sarah, when he suddenly asked her for a dance that one night.Maybe some of us do get lucky and actually get to experience the “Love Actually” feeling. Have I?Hmmm…to some extent, maybe.

I wish I could have a guy hold placards outside of my door and tell me that his aging heart will love me forever. Or have him run illegally through an airport just to get hold of me and tell me he loves me and I’m the one. Aah bliss..

(Of course it would only be bliss if the above was done by someone I actually have feelings for and not just some random guy..random guy doing the placard thingy = weird = scary ;p)


I know, quit it Nadia, that only happens in Love Actually haha. Nadia’s on romantico mode tonight, all thanks to the movie.

At the start of the movie it said..Love Actually is all Around. Is it? Dunno la.

If you’ve not watched the movie, please do. Warning: you might experience the all sickly romantic after-effects.

Here’s one of the tracks from the movie, by Sugababes – Too Lost in You. love it.