the American Idol contestants had to sing numbers from the Beatles tonight, I only managed to watch the last few performances.


I love listening to the Beatles, my entire family does actually, right down to Nasha. All thanks to my folks who exposed us to those lovely tunes when we were very young.

Anytime we were in the car, on road trips.. we’d listen to the Beatles, James Taylor, Carol King,Crosby Still Nash and Young, the Carpenters, Sergio Mendes, Pink Floyd, Average White Band, Deep Purple, Bob Dylan, Rolling Stones,Cat Stevens..those are amongst the favorites.  We knew most of the songs by heart, except for ones by Bob Dylan, we were a bit too young then to digest his pieces haha.

 The music stayed with us till today, amongst my compilation of tracks from Ne-yo, Beyonce, yummy Pharrell and other latest acts, I’ve got the “oldies” compilation as well, which I will gladly listen to when I need an oldie fix 🙂 Sister will download the tracks for my parents, and I’ll just get it off her, or sometimes nick a CD from Mum or Dad’s car ;p



I am so grateful that I got that music exposure…it has influenced me and the way I appreciate music, made me eclectic. When I get kids of my own, Insya Allah, I wont just play them the Justin Timberlake, Had Kendi, Madison Avenue, Fergie tracks, but I’ll fuse some Beatles, the Carpenters and James Taylor as well. Forming a perfect blend of tunes. Baru la my little ones got spunk! 🙂

So heres to music and more.