My car bailed out on me! It was 6:20pm, was supposed to meet Zoey and Elsie for a movie at KLCC at 7:40. No way that’s gonna happen now that my Bumble Bee ( i drive a gold Peugeot 206 – hence the bumble bee nick) was dying and stuttering when I tried to start the engine. Luckily I was still at SC.

Well what you are about to read is a heartfelt confession from someone who has no clue about cars other than driving it, and doing the basics of operating the indicator light etc. Am just hopeless.. truly – I had to pull out the manual (embarassing!) to get instructions on how to open the bonnet! page 111..i still remember hehe.

Once I pulled the lever and heard the thump, I couldnt lift the bonnet to open it (am really that bad).  I knew then that there was just no way in hell that I would be able to get myself out from this one, so:

  1. I called Sani ( one of the guys in my dept, who also happens to be a good friend, so I takde la so malu) but got thru to his mailbox
  2. Called Mrs Foo, told her what happened, and she told me she’d get Sani for me
  3. sent a text to Elsie ” my car wont f-ing start. i’ll try and make it if i can”
  4. Elsie replied “Wth! omg! k perlahan2 k. check gear on ‘P’ n start slowly”so mechanic of her, like talking thru experience haha, she must’ve tot I was already on my way to KLCC.
  5. Mrs Foo and Tai Tai came down to d carpark, they of course didnt give me the light of day for not knowing a thing about my car haha
  6. Then Sani, Nizam and Zahril showed up to help me out, by that time Mum (Norlin ok, not my actual mother ;p) was down at the car park too. Used her car to jump start mine
  7. They tried jump-starting the car but tak jadi!! Tension! Diagnosis: wasnt the battery, cos I could turn on the headlights, honk, radio was on. So that was that.
  8. Mum was also in amusement at seeing me being ultra clueless when the guys asked me “bila last tukar the battery?” ” did you change the water for the battery?” I just greeted them with a “huh” “whaat”. Yup in this area I am literally very spoiled, cos everything gets done for me, battery, sending the car for service etc etc
  9. Since all our efforts failed – had to leave Bumble Bee at SC. Urgh!

Well no movie. If I get home in time, might meet the ladies for dins and drinks. So what is the moral of the story? I need to learn the 101s on my car. Must! Although I’m quite certain I’ll still make SOS calls if ever it happens again (God forbid), but at least if I knew a thing or two I wont be a total damsel in distress *eek*..well I’ll try not to be

Thanks guys for helping me out..Love!!