Last Friday I was in Kuantan for a photog job, taking pics for Nora’s nikah and reception. Nikah was on Friday night, reception, Sat afternoon. So I had some time to sneak in the job sched  to soak up some sun and get some salty sea water on myself, but tough luck, no sun nor salty water. Cos it just kept on pouring like non-stop, the rain didnt stop, am not kidding.

We were worried bout the job, cos it’s a bit difficult to move around when it’s raining. But it worked out just fine. It drizzled on Friday night, and on Saturday afternoon. So it took a lot of quick shoot-and hide the camera for fear of wetting it when we were outside taking shots.. other than that it was all good.

Let me just do a run-down on some highlights:

  1.  I didnt get any sun & sea (s&s)
  2. I didnt get any s&s (yes I am that sad, and I am suffering that bad a craving for s&s)
  3. It just never stopped pouring (from the point we got to Kuantan town till we left)
  4. Shuq and I developed a no-fear attitude towards wetting our jeans, his Crocs, my shoes and stepping into puddles of water, cos if we didnt we wouldnt have been able to move
  5. I learned that when a person is stressed out, the body releases a kind of hormone that induces you to laugh, yea laugh,I didnt believe it at first when Shuq told me, but I witnessed it first hand, yes he just burst out laughing and continued to laugh when we got lost and was running late for the nikah, not the usual laugh k, this was the “hearty-laugh-ur-heart-out-it’s-so-funny” laugh …and that got me to laugh as well – that reminds me I need to check if it’s true the body does that, I usually get pissed when I’m stressed out ;p
  6. The job was fun cos the bride and groom, Nora and Kie was very easy going, Nora especially, she was a natural. We didnt have to direct any poses at all, natural I tell you. We have great shots of them and the whole do.
  7. Kuantan has a 7-eleven looking joint called D5 or something like that. Seriously, if u didnt know it was called D5 you would’ve thought all the way that u were in another 7-eleven
  8. I found out that I am capable of having total dumb-blonde moments or as someone would put it “budak sekolah pun can do it” with the latch on the hotel room door. In my defense it wasnt a typical latch ;p honest to God it wasnt.
  9. Gotong-royong weddings are here to stay, that made Nora’s wedding different from the town-weddings, she had the whole neighbourhood help her out, so you had the makciks slicing the watermelon, to young boys washing the dishes, felt very merry and warm.
  10. Hitz plays Rihanna’s “Please dont Stop the Music” too often, I know I had a post earlier on loving that track, but when it’s overplayed it gets booo-ring! hehe
  11. On the other hand they dont play enuf of Janet Jackson’s “Feedback” which is my new craze
  12. The “Haunted Volkswagon car on Karak highway” story is famous. I didnt know everyone knew about it, my brother told me the story. And someone has a funky theory that the ghost will now simply ride in another car cos everyone knows he shows up in a Volks (sure sure)
  13. Kuantan has those timers at the traffic lights (that counts down how much time left till it turns green/red kinda thingy), while KL which has way heavier traffic doesnt have em, (although I did spot some in PJ) We should have em.
  14. I love KL cos it rarely rains non-stop 2 days in a row.

There you go some highlights…the trip just made me more excited about my Perhentian trip end April and Bali in June. Kuantan just rained on me tsk tsk but I had fun.

Now am going to spend some time with my MacB and go through the shots. Nora & Kie can look forward to two elegant and moment-freezing storyboards of their special day 😉