Dad had a dinner engagement tonight, so Mum needed a dinner date, and since brothers and sister are at Cyber, and I’m the only one left staying at home, I was the first pick. Plus I will never allow my Mum to eat dinner alone.

Mum chose to have dinner at SACC mall, 5 mins from home. she’s not really fond of travelling out of Shah Alam, unless it’s a weekend, or she has cravings for ice cream, then she’d drag any one of us to Swensen’s in Subang Parade, the nearest ice cream joint. Or if it’s nasi lemak, it’ll be the one in Ampang (yes all the way). My Mum and Dad will go anywhere for good food, and they almost always go together. Well wait they’re inseparable, it’s very sweet and romantic. I hope I’ll experience and enjoy the same kinda “togetherness” with my husband.

Back to the night with Mum.

We had dinner at Uncle K’s. A mamak place at SACC mall, was pretty comfy and the food wasnt too bad, our first time there.

Mum and I sat for quite a while, chatting over teh tarik, mine kurang manis, while hers, full blown(she wont budge, not with teh tarik, no such thing as kurang manis haha). We spoke about everything, as usual la. I was talking to Mum about guys, my tough pick between going to Krabi or Bali with the girls, office goss, and sumore. 

I am so grateful that I can enjoy casual moments like just now with my Mum, very Gilmore Girls, except that my Mum is way cooler (haha). I know some people who’s Mums are just too busy, barely at home, or they just don’t enjoy the same open, relaxed relationship with their mothers, the way I do. So yes, thankful, thankful.

She’s upstairs now, reading with a mug of Nescafe beside her. Some people dont get why I enjoy or I dont mind spending time at home. It’s not boring, cos I can chat, talk with my parents, and it’s never dull. Of course like any normal child-parent relationship, we have arguments, but it’s all good.

When I get married, Insya Allah and have my own place, I wont be able to spend as much time with them, as it is I rarely get to do the things I used to do  often, cos of work, social having dinner with my parents (I make it a point to at least catch 2 dinners a week with them), dinner is hard to catch but I if I get home and they’re not asleep yet, you can be sure I’d pop by their room, say hi. And if there was some interesting happenings during the day, I’d definitely share it with them, either for laughs or to get their 2 cents worth. Oh and I’m not the only one downloading, they will give me the whole nine yards of their day too. Which is cool by me ;p

Whether we wanna accept it or not, our days are numbered, we’re not gonna live forever. So when I have the opportunity , I wanna spend as much time as I possibly can with my folks, to enjoy their company and have as many moments with them stored with me for supply during those times and days when I will miss them terribly, or when they will miss me terribly.

So make time for your folks, quality time, it’s priceless.