Went to watch a Muay Thai competition last night at Titiwangsa. Shuq told me bout it and asked if I wanted to tag. His trainer was competing. Am always up for doing new stuff, so I said ok. Was a bit apprehensive at first, cos I can’t stand the sight of blood or people punching the lights out of each other. Plus Shuq had shared quite a bit about his rigorous Muay Thai training regime, and from what I heard, these people mean business. It makes Body Step classes peanuts ha ha.

There was a huge crowd, locals, foreignors. The fighters were from different clubs, from KL, if I recall correctly, there was TNT, Allied Gym, Muay Thai Academy of KL and a host of other fighters from clubs in Terengganu, Kedah and Kelantan.  Anyhow, surprisingly…I actually enjoyed myself, I tot I’d be covering my eyes up 3/4 of the time, but nope – I found myself cheering and clapping at some good kicks/moves. And of course supporting Shuq’s trainer, who was very very good. He won the match. It wasn’t too violent although being me I did squirm here and there.

Another thing I found amusing about Muay Thai was the almost dance like movement, the legs, head..it’s not stiff like boxing, and I love watching the fighters do the “ritual dance” before the start of the match…so cultured. all thanks to my theatre training with the Five Arts Center ;p 

Muay Thai is definitely not for the faint hearted. Takes a lot of guts to be in a ring facing an opponent that is allowed to do almost anything except going at your crotch or behind your neck to bring you down. Saw quite a few last night, who left the ring bleeding, or just had to be carried out cos they blacked out. Scary.

So I got a dose of Muay Thai, my very first experience of sitting outside a ring watching people as I said earlier, beating the lights out of each other. It was interesting and fun in its own way. But I’ll stick to the treadmill, yoga and body step classes 😉