Yes it does.

Splurging on lovely things – always cure any down-low mood.

Last Monday (a day that gets a lot of people on the down-low) Mrs Foo and I went to One Utama after work to get one vampy red Kenwood mixer that she has been talking about for the longest time. She needed some retail therapy, I dont mind this form of therapy anytime, needed or not needed ;p And since Mrs Foo is a baking goddess, getting a brand new mixer, just means more sweet delicious treats for us, her loyal fans at the office, woohoo!


And we didnt just stop at the mixer, there was the post Christmas, new year sale going on so we checked that out too. I’m all for shopping, you cannot count on me if you’re expecting a shopping partner that will tell you, you already have enough bags, so dont waste your money and get another one. First, there’s no such thing as enough bags. Second, there is no such thing as enough bags! There isn’t.Women should have as many bags & shoes as possible.

So anyway yea, we, Mrs Foo and I make a deadly shopping combo. We dont ever stop each other from splurging haha. At the end of the night..Mrs Foo got herself a brand new mixer, and a bag from Aldo. I got myself a pair of Aldo heels & bag and a belt from Pull & Bear. Less than five items each..moderate therapy I would say, but an effective one 🙂