Met up with Hicham for some long due coffee and sweet stuff @ Starbucks KLCC last night. I’ve not seen him in ages, so I got updates from everything that was happening at home, in Djibouti to what’s up and rocking with him here. He was telling me bout his new job which is paying him shit loads (jealous jealous) and was giving me the hardest time for selling my iPod video for RM500. He said he would’ve bought it for RM100 more haha. The guy is desperate for something “Apple” ;p He was even pestering me to sell my Shuffle to him, which unfortunately I can’t sell cos I need it for my workouts at the gym.  Glad I caught up with him, we promised to do coffee more often, sorta like a 08 mini resolution.


 have always adored his curls, nice eh

Later the same night I met up with Elsie and Zoey. First at Dome for dins then later we went to Rasa Sayang Kopitiam to meet sumore peeps. They just got back from Koh Phangan, but unfortunately did not spot a nice beach tan cos they barely saw the sun while they were there. But they partied hard welcoming 08- so it’s all good.


We used the Kopitiam’s wi-fi later to check out the pics that Farhan just uploaded through my latest toy, me iTouch ;p and the pics were testimony tat they indeed had a blast. I got a full download from Lychee, it was the craziest but happening trip, their friend Megat got into an accident on the last day of their trip and  the whole gang needed to find RM10k (in cash) within hours to settle the medical bill, accident costs etc, bear in mind, it was already their 6th and last day in Thailand and most of the cash was already spent, but they managed to fork out RM10k. Need to hear the story yourself, too long to spill here, it was a true test of friendship.On a lighter note, they came back with semi-permanent tattoos, which I looked at with envy, Lychee’s was really nice, Zoey has one on her neck, Elsie too.






 checking out pics on Jimmy’s camera

So while they were partying with thousands of people by the beach, where was I on New Year’s eve?

I was in “hiding” at Sembunyi Spa at Cyberview Lodge Resort and Spa. I booked myself for an 8-10pm slot, scrub and Balinese massage. It was the perfect way to greet the new year, releasing all the stress gathered through different events and happenings last year.

Within the quiet and calm setting of the room, I thought about all that has happened last year and the things that I wish will happen this year. I told myself just before I sinked in, clear my thoughts to enjoy the massage, that for 2008.. I’m going to take it easy…like Mika would say..Relax, take it easy. I’m not going to bother setting resolutions that I may not even keep, there are just too many uncontrollable variables in life..I’ll cross each bridge slowly but surely.

So bring it on 08.