Christmas is over, but the holiday mood is here to stay, till Jan 01 at least, when everything will automtically, like it’s the most natural thing to happen, go full steam ahead, especially at work.

So i thought I’d change my blog presentation, to one that would best desribe the mood. Feel the snow..see the snowman..sorry no snowman..kay maybe the feeling thingy won’t work in KL, it’s either rain or shine here hehe

Am so jealous of Elsie, Zoey and the whole entourage who will be heading to Koh Phangan for a lose yourself, get beach wet, sand on your feet, sounds in your ears 08 welcoming celeb! I can’t go sob sob. But they promised they’d bring back a funky keepsake ;p

Urrghhh I must get some sand and sea before 1Q of 08 is over..must!!

New year plans for me? Nothing at the mo, like Dad always says, it’s not like the sky turns purple the next day, it’s just another day. But I think Mum is planning on a new year family barbeque, we’ll see.