I got the Potrait and Candid Photography Photo Workshop book by Erin Manning as a birthday present. Thank you thank you, you know who you are!

Candid pictures are best, I simply cannot stand the squeeze-smile picture, although when I’m with the gurlfrens, I cant help but have a ton of squeeze-smile pics. Y’know, squeeze in everyone, then put on that Colgate, Listerine smile!

One of the sections in the book, is on Babies, and the rule given to make sure your baby shots are perfect is to:

  1. Get comfortable with the baby
  2. Keep it Simple
  3. Use Soft Light
  4. Seize the Moment

I took the shot below, of my baby cousin Daniel a few weeks ago, he was sleeping in his buai ( buai in English? hmmm bouncing cradle? haha)

Well I think I managed to follow the rule above to the tee.

  1. Get comfortable with the baby – baby was comfortable, me not so, cos I had to be extra careful not to wake him up
  2. Keep It Simple- cant get any simpler than this
  3. Use soft light – soft soft
  4. Seize the moment – I didnt wake him up from his sleep, and got this cute shot of him holding his teddy and button nose!

For a few more shots of Daniel, Flickr