It’s been ages since I last posted anything on this blog. So here goes, multiple posts.. which was all due a long time ago..

Raoul’s 26th

Refer to my earlier post, the metrosexuald december baby is Raoul. and it was nerve wrecking trying to find him a suitable gift, but I managed to and am soooo glad he liked it. the gurls were giving me a hard time when I told them what I got `Naddy he’s a personal trainer when will he wear a tie!’.

Was a nail-biting moment for me when it was time for him to open my humble-dont-know-if-he’ll-like-it gift. But when Raoul and everyone (including gurlfrens) exclaimed `damn nice’ when they caught sight of the tie, I could feel my heart slowing down its pace from 1000 beats per minute hehe and my face spotting a proud dimpled Naddy smile 🙂

oh and it was also a house warming, the apartment was spacious, and aspa being aspa, the place was spic and span, germ free, anthea turner approved.

Click on the pic, the well picked piece of item around Raoul’s neck was my pressie for him hehe
the rocking wifey Aspa who made it all happen, that’s her giving directions to her place

these ladies will set the mood for any partay, especially the one in the middle, Zoey!

Raihan was Back! 

Raihan & Andrew was back for a few weeks last month. Raihan didnt look like she’s pregnant, still slim and wearing heels! (it’s very rare to catch Raihan’s feet in flats actually)

I don’t recall ever shopping for maternity clothes before, but I did, for the very first time when Raihan came back, and  let me tell you shopping while converting prices from RM to Aussie dollars is way more fun, the RM-pricey is now `oh cheap in Aussie dollars’

`here An,this top is cute! take one in purple, blue and pink!’

It was difficult saying bye, but I pacified myself with my plans of visiting Raihan & Andrew next year in summer, and of course baby Sarah or Monkey Magic (that’s Andrew’s idea for a name if it’s a boy haha)

She’s the best-est most incredible gurlfren to have and he’s a wonderful, loving, sweet guy who I know, and can bet my last Ringgit will take darn good care of her. sealed deal.

Miss them, and cant wait to see them in 08. Below shots I took of Raihan and Andrew

must get andrew to eat cendol the next time he’s here and not ice cream!
the Family Papparazi
 Went for saturday family lunch at San Francisco steakhouse in KLCC [like a month ago, since this post is long due], cos dad, brothers and mum needed to stock up on some essentials at M&S. I brought my cam along and shutter bugged away..and I realised that my brothers are photogenic, an observation that I will never ever share with them ;p






a Christmas ornament at M&S

The pics are a bit small here, I’ll upload all & more at my Flickr page later. So check em out. And I have no idea why the paragraph alignment for this post went cuckoo hmmph!