Decided to stay in during lunch today, Nik (brand new department mate) is tapau-ing Caesar’s salad for me, cookie points! hehe

Thought I’d update my blog which I am sure is filled with blog dust since I’ve not posted nuts for sometime. 

Let’s start with last week…sad week..most of my days last week was spent vomitting, feeling nauseous and dehydrated [no I’m not expecting, wish I was ;p t’was food poisoning] – was so bad that had to spend 2 nights at Damansara Specialist Hospital. I was trying to “cure” myself at home, resting, eating trying to eat, nothing I ate or drank stayed in, all of what I ate made immediate painful exits. Oh, and cos I was strapped at the hospital,I didnt get to attend this year’s Annual Dinner, but I heard I didnt miss that much,so it’s all good.

Below,my frail hand after they took off the drip. The drip thingy was so uncomfortable.