I know a ton of people who were born in December [I’m a December baby too, 26th December hint hint hehe].. that means buying and wrapping a ton of birthday gifts, and attending birthday parties..woohoo!

the first December baby burthday celeb is this Saturday. Have yet to shop for the perfect gift for a metrosexual guy, I find it slightly harder when metrosexual is part of the consideration criteria. Acca Kappa comb?

But the good thing about shopping for December pressies is that the Christmas offers are out and on. There’s a pretty good variety of offers for Christmas, which makes shopping for pressies a tad easier.

Not being a cheapo for buying season offers, but when there are 5 december babies in the extended family, another 8 december baby friends, and on top of that gifts for friends that are celebrating Christmas…that adds up to quite a bit on the pressie bill.

Well, good luck shopping to me. I’m going to have to start soon.