Presentation pitch – Nervous about a presentation pitch to our division director this Thursday morning. Hopefully the team will get a nod of excellence again like we did when we showed her the first cut of the presentation.

Pecan pie – yea have this crazy craving for it. The last time I tasted pecan pie that was ceiling crashing, floor tearing good was in Detroit. Shahnon’s [my ex] sister who’s living in the States came by with her boyfriend and they brought me some goodies which included slices of pecan pie. Have yet to find one here that can match that “pecan pie delight”.

Body Step- by hook or by crook and no matter how tired I am, I need to catch Body Step at least once this week. Have only been working on the treadmill, doubt that’s enough considering how much I pig out on trans fat, cholesterol, sugar laden food. And yes I know I’m petite, slim, kurus, whichever, but that doesnt mean I’m entitled to eat-all-I-want, it’s all about inner health and making sure I treat my body right so that it’ll serve me better and longer hence, must go in for Body Step.

IIUM@ Royals- the Royals Intervarsity Debating Champioship 2007 [national tournie for all local universities, the trophies will be presented by the Agung, hence the Royals name] is going on right now in UITM and IIUM have not won Royals since 2005- which was when Raihan, Azrul, Fareez and I were in a team, and we won the senior category. Hopefully we’ll bring back the trophy this year. Good luck guys.

Kimora’s Life in the Fab Lane-love her & the show! yes she’s loud, bitchy at times, but I think she’s great. Mum, mogul, model. ya-ah! All that I want to be, except for the model part, am quite sure I dont meet the height requirement hehe. Her kids are just A-dorable and her label, Baby Phat’s logo, the cat thingy, is spot on.


the little black dress – I feel like getting one and wearing one. no reason. just cos.


Have got a few more things on my mind, but they’re a bit too personal. So let me just keep that with me and not place it here on this blogosphere.