Got invited to little Mikey’s [Wan Mikhail] 1st birthday bash. Diha, Mikey’s high school senior [who without fail will tell everyone she meets about my cheerleading days and how I’m the one on top of the pyramid – stop it Diha ;p], and university mate who was also my team mate at the Australs debate tournie in Melbourne sent me a b’day invite a 25 year old would be jealous off.

The party was fun! Guests made up of hip young mum and dads with their precious toddlers or kids. I saw some of my high school seniors, including Natasha who was the Green house cheerleading captain, I can almost imagine her calling out for a formation. They have not aged a bit. Put them in their uniforms and you’d bet ur penny that they drank from the fountain of youth. I hope it’s a BBGS thingy, then I’d look as youthful too. Used to see them carrying poms poms or school bags, now they’re hip moms with baby bottles.

Cik Wan , Mikey’s dad is the epitome of funkyness. Team up with Diha, and you’ll have a great party. Diha made sure the party favors were top class, food was great -nasi lemak, ABC, potato salad, b’day cuppies, rocking cake. Canopy created the mood, the play area for kids was a mini toys-r-us!

I couldnt help myself from making mental notes for when I throw my little baby’s 1st birthday bash hehe. I hope Mikey, more like Mikey’s mum and dad like the gift I got. Check out the pics of mums dads babies @ my Flickr [link on right panel].

Happy Birthday Mikey baby!


first thing that greeted the guest- stylo


Mikey’s gfit from Aunty Naddy


Diha and her prince