I’ve been tasked together with Shuq to take shots of Malaysia’s eating delights to be featured in WUPID’s magazine. It took Shuq and I some time to shortlist the food that we’re going to feature, since Malaysia is such a food-heaven [But nasi lemak, roti canai made the cut pretty easily].

Above is one of my favorite shots [Shuq helped me edit it- he’s a magician when it comes to editing. I’ve yet to learn the ropes of Photoshop ;p]- at Syed, 3 mins drive from home. I rarely go there, only do when I get the sporadic craving for roti canai at night.

Well, not wanting to scare anyone, I told the guy that i’m taking shots for a magazine, and would like to take some pics of him tossing the dough etc, and promised him a copy of the mag.

He, to my delight said ok, and instantly did his thing, tossing, flipping, and all the other roti canai tricks possible. I went shutter crazy!He was an excellent subject! Wasnt camera shy at all, making sure he made eye contact with the camera all the time.. so Mamak Next Top Model haha. 

Aaah’s such a satisfaction to be able to frame lively pictures. Can’t wait to see all the pics in print!