the invite

Ya-ah another party!

As usual highlights:

The Pucci cuppies

Elsie had the best idea – Emilio Pucci inspired cupcakes. We commissioned Mrs Foo for the task and she did an excellent job, it was extreme Pucciness! Birthday cakes are an all time for b’days but for a party of about 30pax, cuppies do a better job, more to go around, smaller bites and they’re more fun!



Palate Palatte

It’s behind hotel Istana. Describe it? Artsy fartsy.giraffe popping out of the ceiling, peacock tiled wall, button latches for the lil ladies room (yes I noticed), horsie on the bar, and cool sounds to go with the ambience. Comfy-ly placed couches, rattan chairs, bean bags gave way to pleasant chats, giggles and more.



i love the horsie shot

my camera 101

Having not figured out how to use my brother’s Nikon properly, I was getting pretty agitated when I didnt manage to fix the settings..I wanted to test out my skills, not wanting to use auto mode.. but wasnt successful and pics just didnt turn out right.

I had to make a SOS call to Shuq to ask him how to adjust the flash so that the pics dont look overexposed. But Faesal saved the day, Aspa’s cousin who’s not alien with the DSLR, can tell by the way he handles the machines hehe. Once he placed the settings, gave me some quick tips, I was on full shutter bug mode ;p Merci Faesal! He took some great shots too.


right- Faesal, my guru for the nite


Ah yes, ze b’day chick. It was a surprise b’day partay and she was surprised! She looked like a budding actress receiving her first Oscar..glam + overwhelmed ;p Spotted a new hair-do that looked fantastic on her and reminded me of Catherine Zeta Jones in Chicago. She dressed for the occasion too (makes me wonder whether she already knew about the party- did you Zoey? ;p)


Partay goodies

Cuban hats for the guys and double headbands for the ladies. The hats really fitted the mood, and looked great in pics too.


my hand on the hat

Color Splash.

The theme. I wasnt exactly splashy..brown + dark purple + light purple + purple wedges + green tote..ok la. I wanted to wear black, but there was a strict no black and white rule [arent black and white colors too?]. But everyone had colors on..with Elsie as the party planner no one would dare beat the theme hehe.

Parties at this age are way different from the Mc’d parties when we were kids, we’ve all grown and so has our style of celebration. Burgers to baked salmon and salad. Party hats to Cuban hats. We had a fahbulous time! And I had fun shutter bugging away ;p Went back with a slight headache though.. thank God I came with Aspa and Raoul- thanks peeps.

Next party- December!

Check out more pics at my flickr page