Got to know from Mrs Foo that Roger Federer will be playing against Pete Sampras in November here in Malaysia, Shah Alam to be exact. Thought i’d treat my parents and get tickets for them and me-self. So I did – 3 tickets for the match on 11 November. Mrs Foo will be there too.

Folks were thrilled when I told them that I had gotten tix.Mum and Dad are huge tennis fans. So are my brothers-they used to play tennis quite seriously when they were younger. I remember watching them play at tournies all across Malaysia.. tagged along like I was part of their entourage ;p

Ikbal, the older twin has a temper like Boris Becker hehe, Ikmal is relatively cool-er on the court, but both equally talented. They can still play pretty well.  I should’ve gotten tickets for my brothers too, I’m sure they’ll get on my case when they hear I didnt get tix for them..eek! Will try tomorow, but most of the seats are sold out.

So, between Sampras and Federer, mmm I think Federer would win, hey he’s good, plus he’s younger.. but I’ll be rooting for Sampras!