0301 appeared on my phone screen just now-Raihan! 🙂

I was wondering why she didnt reply my Raya text, and worried that something was up cos she told me from our last conversation that she’s down with horrible case of morning sickness. Oh yes..Raihan and Andrew are expecting their first child! baby’s 7 weeks old now.

After the Raya wishes and checking up on each others physical state..how u doing etc? we updated each other on the big ticket items..

  1. Poor Raihan had to celebrate Raya in the hospital, cos of the bad spell of morning sickness [Raihan has a strong stand of not calling it morning sickness cos it happens all day! hehe] But she’s at home now, on medication and is feeling much better. Alhamdulillah. Was great to hear that she’s doing better. If anyone knows of any all-day sickness remedies, do tell me, although I doubt there’s a cure, cos the conditions are different for every expecting mom.
  2. Raihan met up with her distant relative in Canberra, who’s staying there with his wife. They’ve never met before, and the first time was 2 days ago on the first day of Eid when they visited her and brought her some kuih raya. Yess, sweet Syawal blessing. Told Raihan it’s like a scene from a Cerekarama haha
  3. Right now Raihan’s still not in the mood for any rendang or ketupat- so I guess the Raya-home-sick-ness isnt too bad, at least food wise, but she does miss her family terribly.

That’s the gist of Raihan-update for now, it’s always nice to hear from her.

Gosh, in the past  it was chatting and srutinizing our performance after debate selections in our dorm rooms, or trouble shooting each other’s young adult problems..now it’s checking to see if she and the baby are doing ok. Yup there is an unborn child involved, one that I am certain will be the king or queen of cuteness!

Time really jets off doesnt it.. scary but pleasant scary 🙂


A conversation between Raihan and I a few weeks ago when she broke the wonderful + happy coated news…

Nadia: An, how was your football game last Sunday? dont you get thirsty playing during Ramadhan

Raihan: Nah, it’s not too bad, cos the weather is dry here, but I wont be able to play football for the next 8 months!

[Raihan and her creative ways of communicating, can’t just come out and say “Dya I’m pregnant!” ;p]


Stay tune for more updates and dont forget to pass me those morning  all-day sickness remedies if u guys know of any!