The first and second day of Raya has always been reserved for family members..of course we still have family friends and neighbors coming over to celebrate. Since I dont have kampungs to go back to, first day of Raya in the morning, I’ll be in Keramat, to celebrate with dad’s side of the family, then later in the evening in Damansara, my aunt’s house, mum’s side. My grandmum stopped hosting at her place in TTDI and shifted the Raya celebration to my aunt’s place- Mama Wa has turned into a pro at playing hostess on behalf of my gandmum!

This year, I noticed a “white” theme in the baju raya. My sister for one wore an elegant white Italian linen with soft grey prints [wished it was mine!] They look so suci murni in the pics hehe!

I didnt have time to buy any materials for Raya, so had to get my baju Raya off the rack. Drove Mrs Foo crazy when she helped me go through some potential outfits. I finally decided to just mix and match what I did manage to buy with some old pieces that I had.


see..all white


nasha with my cousin Iqral-also in white


yup in white..Mama Wa (my mum’s sister, Sarah) looking pretty as always

Did I not get the memo that it was gonna be white this year?? Tsk tsk tsk


Am so exhausted, the big makan at our house just ended. Naturally, there’s all the cleaning up to do. My sister is hopeless when it to comes to the “after party”, hosting guests she does ok, but cleaning up-nope!

Second day of Raya is reserved for Uncle Din’s open house for the family. The menu is not the usual Raya dishes-we dont serve rendang and the gang- but nasi, ulam, sambal sotong, sup tulang, ikan kembung rebus and mee udang. Yum! I know.. very uncoventional, but after all the rendang and lontong on the first day- everyone looks forward to some ol fashion food to break the taste!


Well Raya is officially over for me..actually the best time is on the eve of Raya..especially when I hear the takbir and seeing all my family members around me, thankful that they’re still with me in good health and spirit, and thinking of those who can’t be home for Raya like Uncle Man in the States.

After this it’s just the numerous open houses to go to, and picking out dates to host my friends at home.


Am poofed.Oh yea, the so called accidental theme was white this year, but as always I  had to be extra “special”..I went all black haha. So Yin&Yang!