I stopped using the NKVE to get home today opting for the Federal Highway instead cos traffic started to get really heavy on the NKVE since yesterday with city folks starting their balik kampung journey. I wish I had a kampung to go back to. TTDI, 5 mins away from One Utama and Keramat,15 mins away from KLCC is hardly kampung.

I envy those who have kampungs, am sure there’s an unbeatable excitement about packing for the trip, hitting the road, and the pumped up spirit just as you draw minutes away from your destination, eager to meet your parents, siblings and the rest of the gang. I’m not sure how much my idea of a kampung is still accurate but I’m imagining, nice papan houses, surrounded by coconut trees, or a paddy field at the back, with ketupat,lemang and dodol cooking in the yard. Okay maybe a bit too Petronas advert, Hari-Raya-music-clip like but am sure there are some kampungs that still fit that bill..I hope so.

Perhaps, I should live really far away when I get married, then I can enjoy the “balik kampung” spirit. I hate having to reply when people ask where will I be celebrating Raya..”Oh just here, I have no kampung” bleech.

 Guess for now I’ll just savour the traffic-free roads of KL.