Last week I had 3 iftars, 3 days in a row with friends I made at work, during my uni days and when I was a very young girl in school.

Wednesday – Iftar @ Sri Melaka with SC mates


  1. Celebrating Mc-g and Zul’s new job -they’re both working at the same place.
  2. We were a big group- 16 heads, so there was a lot of passing of lauk (dishes) to the different ends of the table
  3. Everyone guessed the damage amount ie bill- my guess was RM350, I was waayyy off, Mc-g came closest at RM450..and the tab was a whopping RM470.
  4. We were the loudest group there hehe.
  5. 04102007325-small.jpgWatching Alimin count the stacks of notes after everyone passed their share


Thursday – Iftar with Uni mates @ Basil, Bangsar Village 1.



  1. Met up with part time model- NTV7 staff Hyda whom I have not met in ages. Looking as tall as ever.
  2. Ama – I totally miss listening to her laugh. It’s loud, hearty and extremely contagious. Can you hear her laughing through the pic above ;P
  3. Nigs lost a lot of weight-she was almost size zero. Can imagine her walking down a couture runway. Workaholic during puasa month..tsk tsk. Poor Nigs, we’ll stuff you with ketupat and rendang soon.
  4. The sinfully delicious cheesecake at Starbucks


     Hyda protecting her all-the-way-from-France LV

Friday – Iftar at Korean restaurant, Bullgogi with schoolmates.


  1. Excellent-exciting hot plate and steamboat dining experience! Good pick Zoey!But I was very scared to “cook” the food though cos the minyak sometimes “meletup” [sorry I cant find another word to describe it hehe] Next time I’ll bring a long chopstick with me.
  2. Delicious lamb and Korean jelly!
  3. Aspa’s fan saved us, we sat outside and it was HOT cos the hot plate was right at our faces.
  4. Cooling off session at Starbucks in Bangsar [yes again] where Elsie and Tariq joined us then later Mr PT [personal trainer] Azza [Aspa’s hubby] made a special apperance at 12am haha
  5. Getting pink-tastic goodies from Wan…thanks babe!
  6. Owh and of course, Wan’s multi role as Kak Nita, Oprah, Dr Phil all in one night amazed us, you should hear her thoughts on relationship, men…talk-show material! ;p


the mighty fan at work


 Mr PT, Oprah and Elsie

So there you go, my triple dose.