I know it’s illegal. Although i’m not too sure which type is and which isnt.

I’m talking about mercun, bunga api.

It doesnt feel so festive [no suasana] when i dont hear mercun going off at night. I used to hear it a few years back, but nowadays, hardly.

But when I’m at my grandmum’s place in Keramat, it really feels macam nak Raya, cos kids play the bunga api after Iftar and I can hear the mercuns pop! Nothing signals festivity to me more than the sound of mercun or the sight of bunga api.

I bought tons back when I was a kid – mercun katak, the spiral thingy, then the long one that sparks when it shoots out, and the harmless Pop Pops.

Well, brothers will be home this Friday, I’ll remind them to pasang the pelita around the house. That would defintely get the festive mood kicking.

Or am I just growing out of Raya? Mmmm