Caught this show “Thin Stories” [or something like that] on 77 just now. Very disturbing.

It featured this girl who’s a thinspiration [inspiration to others who want to be ultra thin-yes there is such a thing] and she’s pro Ana [pro Anorexia], maintains a website on tips and ways to lose the weight baggage. She even came up with a mantra “food brings pain and weight”. She’s very young, 16 or 17 max.

Apprently pro ana peeps often form online communities that try to counter the idea that anorexia is an eating disorder and promote that it is in fact a lifestyle choice.

And the Olsen twins are two of the most famous and idolised thinspiration models.


Lifestyle choice it may be, but to me there’s something a bit off with denying yourself food, and only living on an apple or even less a day just so that the needle on your weighing machine will only move left and never right, or digital figures to always decrease and never increase.

Yes, it’s her body, she can do whatever she pleases with it, but to me being ultra skinny, walking skin-and-bones, rib-cage poppingly thin arent a pretty sight to look at [admittedly beauty is in the eyes of the beholder] but that’s secondary..the practice to be so light weight can threaten your health and well being and it becomes an obsession- to constantly watch your weight.

but i guess, in today’s day and age.. it’s whatever rocks their boat. there are different support and against anorexia.

For me..I’m lousy at saying no to food, especially if it’s one of those sinful indulgences. Lasagne..that’s what I’m craving for right now..and some scones..see I’m so greedy tsk tsk.

Bring on the food, glorious food!