Raihan and Andrew went to the flower festival recently, and she sent me some pictures. Just like Andrew’s office, park and everything else.. the festival was a mere 5 minutes away from her place! Beat that. Oh but her halal meat grocer is a bit far so ok la. Come to think of it, I’ve got quite a number of places that are 5-mins away from home as well, the 3 fast food chains-Mc’d, KFC, Pizza Hut, Cold Storage, MPH, Dave’s Deli, Coffee Bean, Starbucks, British India, Secret Recipe…mmmm not bad hehe.

Above is my favorite pic of the lot. Perfect use for an old piece of metal.

Judging by the pics am sure Andrew and Raihan had a very flowery- romantic stroll :p My dear friends are enjoying bliss bliss bliss

I’m living in a “jungle” of my own, thanks to Mum, Dad and Yanto [our amazing gardener] who tends to the garden so religiously. Folks love to keep it green + we have Dad’s family of Koi (huge fishies) to maintain the plant-animal equilibrium.

Told Raihan i’ll definitely visit her in spring next year when everything is in full bloom.

On a different note, Raihan’s all pumped up for the soccer league which starts this Sunday..yes the woman is playing a game she just found out she’s good at [she won the prize for best and fairest player okay] so Andrew, dont be surprised if she  switches professions for real 😉