I’m thinking of switching my skincare range to a different brand, just for fun- but the problem is I dont know which one.

It’s hard to find a reliable source that could give some useful pointers. There are the usual:

  1. Magazines – but I tend to believe that they get paid to publish write-ups on certain products- so not that good in terms of reliability and bias-free wise. Plus it’s hillariously odd how in different editions, different brands are named “the must have” or “the best—” or “voted as—” Though i will give the cosmetic, skincare market the benefit of doubt that there are that many good products to choose from- hence the rotating award to different brands.
  2. Online reviews – well different users ie skin conditions, genes will react differently to different products- if Dermalogica works for Miss Apple it wont necessarily work for Miss Orange. So individual reviews too comes with a pinch of salt.
  3. The ever so popular belief that “the more expensive the better”. This has been tried and tested by yours truly though I have yet to actually reach the ceiling of “expensive” but again no.3 is also affected by point no.2 I know there are girls who are  just so lucky i can rip their skin off cos all they rely on is water and a bar of Johnsons baby soap [ too much!] to maintain their flawless baby’s bum skin, and Thalgo gives them acne [huh?]

So what do I have left to rely on? Nothing but old school trial and error. 

I’ll head out tomorrow to OU to see which tube of cleanser or bottle of toner screams out  the loudest, has the sweetest-freshest scent or which salesperson gives me the best sales pitch haha.