Sold my 30G iPOD last week, just after a few days of placing it on sale. Thanks to Shokee I got an immediate buyer, and managed to sell it at the price I offered, without any bargaining or negotiating ;p

Sold my iPOD video for one of its newer siblings. Kuc said i’m settling for less in terms of size [ 30G to 8G] but in terms of style, i’m scoring some major points! I cant agree more Kuc hehe


Mrs Foo the baking goddess just came back from Singapore to visit her in-laws, and she picked up an oh-so fantastic book..Sticky, Chewy, Messy, Gooey.. I fell in love with the book just by the title.

The layout was like a scrapbook, and it had quirky quotes on almost every page like this one..

” If the English can survive their food, they can survive anything”

George Bernard Shaw

LOL! And even if you’re not into baking, this book is a wonderful flip-through read, and it’ll make even the most freakiest of health freak’s mouth water. 

Notice the first line on the page below..”This may not be the brown sugar Mick Jagger was singing about”..I’ve never seen egg white 101, pudding, George Bernard Shaw and Mick Jagger all in one book.

So told Mrs Foo to get the book for me the next time she’s in Singapore.

Who know’s maybe I’ll become a baking goddess myself ;p