Raihan just got the Internet up and she emailed some pics of her place in Canberra. 

It looks so cosy! Unfortunately I dont have a lot of blogging space left for pics so I can’t upload them all. Here’s a few..

dsc00642-small.jpg A comfy couch is a must have!

 dsc00654-small.jpg where I’m sure everyone enjoys Raihan’s culinary delights

dsc00649-small.jpg was teasing Raihan how we dont need a dryer here cos it’s panas terik ;p she says it’s really sejuk there,dont worry An, when you come back we’ll go soak up the sun!

dsc00632-small.jpg the kitchen looks spotless! can you spot the lesung? That’s the way An hehe

dsc00644-small.jpgdsc00731-small.jpg it’s pretty outside too


Doesnt Andrew look like he’s gained some weight? I got confirmation from Raihan that he certainly did.  Looking good Andrew! Next to Andrew is his dad [the one in blue duh] who just took Raihan around Sydney on his boat last Sunday..nice.

Cant wait to visit them!