Didnt have such a great day at work today. Not a great day at all. Dont feel like spilling it here.

Rearing cute fat cows and fluffy little chickens is becoming more and more of an excellent idea by the day. Oh or becoming a larger-than-life cashier at Mrs Foo’s pastry and cake heaven “the Beater” 🙂

Needed a good dose of laughter. Second to Kuc, Will and Grace always does the trick. So i watched a few episodes just now.

Jack and Karen always crack me up! I cant stand Grace- hate her. Will is adorable. If you’ve watched it you’d know what I’m talking about. Sigh why do good sitcoms have to come to an end? Cant they just keep running till my eyesight and hearing wears off to old age?


Hope tomorrow will be a better day.