Last night we had iftar at Mama Wa’s house, my aunt- mum’s sister [dont know how Mama Wa came about, my aunt’s name is Sarah..Sarah to Mama Wa? ;p]

Anyway almost everyone was there, and there was soo much food! All about FOOD! ;p

Below is my grandmum’s signature kuih lopis – unbeatably delicious! My grandmum would happily watch us gobble them down while saying “Nice ar nenek make the kuih lopis”. Ya Nek, we totally agree with you! 😉


I’m about to do the “categories” thingy for iftar, cos i find it both an interesting and funny observation that at every iftar there’ll always be..[here comes the categories]

  1. the person that’ll the first to pick up a plate and line it with dishes and kuih, then find a spot and wait for the azan – last night that person was my cousin Iqral haha
  2. the person that will call out “ok dah Azan!”, eventhough we could all hear it loud and clear on the TV or from the nearby mosque – no one did that last night hehe, but at home it’ll be my brother.
  3. & someone who would always go “lambatnya Azan” or “I think dah Azan dah” – I believe more than one person falls in this category LOL! [ i do it too sometimes, especially when I’m extra hungry]
  4. the first person to tapau [pack] the food for sahur – that would be Donnie ;p
  5. and the two groups – first group; the ones that would take a small bite then pray Mahgrib before continuing iftar and second group; those that would eat first then pray Mahgrib – i fall in the first group, cos I like to take my time savouring the dishes during iftar *wink*

See if you have the same categoy of peeps at home. I’m sure you do- at least one of them.


Below – murtabak..a must have for iftar


We left Mama Wa’s around 10pm, after some tea, bowls of bubur kacang, scoops of  Mama Wa’s famous trifle and a bag of Australian chips [ very good chips!]- Shasha brought em. Now we all know what to ask Eski to bring back when he comes home for visits!


There’s one guarantee whenever there’s a dinner party, pot luck or any sort of makan at Mama Wa’s – you can be sure there’ll be goood food!