So here’s the juice on Bee’s e-day, the words in purple are Lya’s [i copied and pasted from her blog-thanks Busuk! ;p] and in turqoise are mine [duh!]  Bee and I go a loong way back. She was the first friend I made in UIA. I just registered at UIA’s matriculation center in PJ and it was also the first day that i wore a tudung [headscarf] for more than an hour [ when I went for mengaji lessons as a kid, I wore a tudung but only for the duration of the lesson ;p]

I felt a tad uncomfortable, plus I was in surroundings that I wasnt familiar with. Didnt attend boarding school, that makes staying in a room with so many other girls a first – had a case of “culture shock” i suppose.

Then I met Bee, who also stays in Shah Alam [felt connected already cos I was so homesick though I was only 25 mins away from home], her tudung was perfectly in place [mine was soo cacat- didnt know how to put one on properly] AND the best part about Bee was that we had the same wave length – entailing comfortable conversations and compatible silence! 

Then on we became close friends, we were in the same Arabic class [our lecturer always picked on us – but we were ok with it cos he was kinda cute hehe] and Bee and I were also in the same dorm. Very fun! I still remeber those days so clearly and now Bee is about to become a wife. Time just jets off doesnt it..sigh

Alrighty enuf on the history 101..back to Bee’s e-day!

Lya-purple and red

Mine -turqoise

090907 marks the date that my best friend bee becomes mimie‘s fiance.Sorry mimie, susah nak tuka panggil amirul. [am just going to stick to Mimi – can right En Amirul? haha]Hehe. I was excited many days before that. Bile orang tanya last week, “Are u free this weekend?” I’d be like… “Nope! My best friend’s getting engaged. There’s no way i’m missing her e-day!” Hehe. Okay, overly excited. Sampai my selendang i wore that day pun over like i was the one getting engaged pulak. [ no it didnt look over and i’ve got pictures to prove it-see pic below, they both looked nice, but of course Bee had the extra glow – wait Lya it’ll be your turn soon to have the same glowy effect on your face]Haha. Tapi takpe. I have every right to be. She’s my best friend!

Oh, I can’t even begin to describe how gorgeous she looked.[yes like i said Bee was glowing and looked stunning, every piece was in place] Turquoise on her looked perfect! Seriously cantik. Not many people can pull off wearing turquoise and look dazzling in it u know. [ i know for a fact that i cant boohoo] No one could’ve stolen her limelight that day even if they tried like hell. [I second that Busuk!] Hehe. [Haha]

I’d put up pictures but i have nil. I was, again i state, overly excited and nape tah that i forgot i could’ve taken photos using my phone’s camera. **too broke to own an actual camera. haha.

Anyway, i hope someone send me some photos of that day soon. I’m gonna keep bugging them. Hehe. ** That’s you Dya. ;p Oh, Dya’s on her way to becoming a superb photographer! She’s got talent. And i’ve got photos to prove it. Ehehe. [pics will be up soon – eh where got talent, so many shots tak jadi haha]

Okla.. a few words for bee…

Bee, congratulations on your e-day. You are one step closer to every girl’s dream. [It’s definitely mine ;p] Well, most girls i think. Hehe. You two deserve each other undoubtedly. And you guys deserve a beautiful life ahead, together, which i’m sure will happen soon. 😀 Okla, poyo je. Hehe. Bee! Seriously, i’m overjoyed. You deserve this bliss. Luv u!!! [Yea Bee, u guys rock! luv ya too babe]

p/s: this has got to be my most colourful post ever!

dsc_0143-small.jpgLya (Busuk ;p) and Bee